Domain service

f you have heard about these services you may be wondering how they work and if they are the same as regular paid services, hopefully this article will give you a better understanding and help you decide on a service.

What are Free Domains?

Free Domains are in fact sub domains within regular domains being offered for free by companies that make their money from additional service offerings on top of the free domain names such as SSL certificates or WHOIS Privacy offerings. Many services provide all the features and functionality that paid domains offer and expect very little or nothing at all in return. The most popular services are entirely free and can be setup in seconds once you have an account.

What can Free Domains be used for?

You are able to use these domain names for anything you can imagine and there are normally no restrictions besides those found with regular paid domains. Many people use these free services to build family websites or websites for gaming clans and guilds since it allows them to save money on the domain and since free domain services are not as saturated as the common paid services you are often able to get far better domain names to match your requirements.

How do you select a good service?

You should look out for the following points and make sure you comfortable;

  • Avoid services that have minimum traffic requirements if you will not be building up a website quick or if the site will not have a high traffic profile
  • Some services require a link bank to the main site in return for their free offerings, make sure you are aware of this when selecting a service and link back if required to avoid losing your domain
  • Confirm that there are no hidden costs and that domain renewals are free as well since some providers offer the first year for free but charge a renewal fee in the second year of operation