Domain names that are Expiring

Depending on the Registrar that the domains were registered with, they expire after different periods of time. Also, the most wanted domain names can be taken within seconds after their previous period expires and they become available again. The only way you can grab the exact domain name that you desire is to arm yourself with patience and know exactly when the domain name will be available again.

The sources of information for expired domain names are a few. Some of them are completely free, some of them require a membership fee for a subscription.

Before starting, you should be completely aware that the search for domain names that are interesting takes a lot of effort – whether you are searching for terms and feeding these terms into a search engine or you are browsing through endless lists of domain names that are expiring. There are more than 20 000 domains that expire every single day so the search for interesting and catchy names can be felt like searching an almost impossible to be seen needle in a towering haystack. However, all the effort can be worth it if you succeed in your enterprise and find your desirable expired name.

What domain names should you look for


You are on the hunt of expiring domain names because:

You want the name for yourself

You want to invest in it for a resale later on


If you are on the hunt of a name to use it to build a service or a site, you probably already have a list with criteria for the name – what makes it good, names that are suitable for the service or the product that it will be representing, etc.


You should also pay attention to who was the previous owner of your domain name and for what he was using the name. Most of the expiring names are ,,fair names’’ (that means that they are available for everyone to use them), you would definitely not want to run afoul of the legal department of a large corporation – for example IBM or even Microsoft. Even if you prove to be in your rights eventyally, you should be careful after all.

You can make a WHOIS search to find the current owner of the domain name that you have chosen to buy. However, there are cases where you cannot find information about the owner of the domain name. Such cases can be when the information about the original Registrant is deleted in the record of the domain.

That is the exact time to talk about the ,,Wayback Machine’’ that offers. The site provides stored ,,snapshots’’ of numerous sites all over the web at different times. If you want to find more information about the domain name that you have chosen, visit and enter ,,www.domain com’’ in the search of the site and check If there are snapshots of a site with the domain. If there are any, you can browse through them to find out who was the previous owner and what was the purpose of his site.

You want to buy an expired domain name?

It is possible to manually register an expiring domain name when it will soon be expired but the competition that you will meet while ,,fighting’’ for the most wanted names is strong so the manual methods won’t be enough.

There is a whole industry that is spread around the taking of expired domain names. The solutions bellow won’t provide you an infallible solution of securing the expiring names, but they can be of some help.

SnapNames com is probably the biggest firm about the ,,fight’’ for expiring names and it is also the most well-known one. The site will register the expiring name for you for a fee. However, if the name is popular there will be competition. If there is more than one person that wants the name, it will be placed up for auction.

There are other companies that can help you register an expired domain. You can browse through our section to find more.

If you want to have a bigger chance to get an expired name, you can simultaneously backorder the name at one of the automated services. Most of them charge you only if your registration is successful so you will most likely not be charged.

Now, before doing anything else, let’s focus our talk on the Multi-Lingual domain names.

Helpful Tips For Choosing The Right Domain For Your Business

Summary : The name of the domain is crucial for the success of a new business. If you have made a poor choice of domain name when you were registering it, that can result in negative impressions, decreased traffic and even lost sales.

The first impressions are always very important. Actually, you have a few seconds to capture the interest of the person and if you don’t succeed, they will be gone to search for something better.

If the domain name that you have chosen makes no sense, people might not be interested in visiting your site. Also, if the name of the domain carries an incorrect message, you could also lose traffic because the people might not understand what you are offering to them.

Your domain name should be long enough and should clearly state what is the site about. In the domain you can include product names, special attributes that are related to anything close to the subject of the site, etc.

Also, if it is possible, use a certain keyword or a phrase in the name of the domain. This will contribute a lot for the optimization of your site for the best results.

You should keep the domain name as simple as possible, but also make sure to choose a name that has a punch to it. You want to form a positive opinion in the customer when he hears the domain name. You should make him feel like it would be beneficial to him.

There are two rules that you should keep in mind if you want to make a proper selection of the name:

  1. Try to use the .com selection if it is possible. It is very common so many people think .com by default. So if you choose something else like .biz or .info, you will probably send traffic to the owner of the .com site, if there is one.
  2. Make sure that your domain name successfully passes the radio ad test. In short, if the client has heard your site on the radio, would he be able to remember it and search your site without problems?

Because of the second rule, you should avoid using spellings that are odd and also inside jokes for the name of your domain. You should also spell the words correctly because although you like the word with one more word, you are again funneling your traffic to someone else.

The best choice of a domain name is to choose something catchy and something that is quite easy to remember. This is actually probably the most important thing.

For example or are nonsense as words but are instantly easy to be remembered and there is quite easy to understand what are these sites about. Of course, these sites have spent millions in name branding so you could come up with a name you think is very cool but you could still not succeed.

This is a smart but also risky choice so you should think it thoroughly. However, in the new business it is best to play safe and choose a powerful and easy to be remembered name.

Of course, many of the clients won’t see the name of the domain before entering your site. They will have clicked on some link and ended up on your page.


Domain Names Introduction

Summary : The Domains are a subject that is quite tricky. People think that they are straight forward, but just after you have bought one you will slowly come to the conclusion that there is far more to them than you used to think once. That is why in this article we will take a look at the domain names.
The names of the Domains are like pointers that direct visitors to a server or a bunch of specified servers. The domain name can be compared with a license plate of a car – it is already purchased but it is still not attached to the car. When the license is already attached to the car, that is when you can find the car by using the number of the license plate.
Each one of the computers that are connected to the Internet has a number that is provided by ISP – Internet Service Provider. This number is also known as ,,IP Address’’ and is basically a string of different numbers that are strongly individual to each computer. The IP address is If domain names didn’t exist, you would have to know all the IP addresses of all website in order to visit them.
There are levels that organize the domain names. There is no limit at how far these levels can go, although ,,Domain, ,,TLD’’ and ,,Sub Domain’’ are those that are the most used. There is an example below of how the domain name or can be broken into different levels.
www. dnmark. com
• Blue = Sub Domain (aka Third Level)
• Red = Domain (aka Second Level)
• Green = Top Level Domain
Each of the domain names should be assigned a couple of ,,Name Servers’’. These name servers are able to tell what IP address is pointing by a certain domain name. If the proper name servers are not assigned to your domain name, the computers that are searching won’t know where and how to find the server that is hosting your website.
If you have bought a name for your domain with your hosting provider, then the name of the servers for your domain name will automatically be set. And if you have bought a domain name from a company and buy hosting from another one, you will probably need to modify the server names for the domain.
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Congratulations, now you are completely ready to be the owner of a domain name! If you want to get a domain name you should Click here!

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The Importance of Premium Domain Names

Are good and premium domain names that important? Is it really time consuming to pick the best domain name in the niche for the right price? Those questions are bothering a lot of the domain buyers out there in the wilderness. Give us a few moments of your precious time and you will get all the answers you need!

The presence of a site in the Web and the ability to sell and create a vast amount of profits is a top priority for every webmasters. The importance of a premium domain name is the connection between it and the actualcontent, products and services you offer to your potential customers. The investment gets a good ROI percent because once you buy the desired premium domain in your area, you will only have to spend a few bucks on renewing it. It like a music for your ears, right? One of the most important and vital things for your business will cost you almost nothing.

All your deals, offers, quotes, inquiries and so on will come from the search engines, from your marketing incentives, from your fellow buddies and so on. Every aspect which can generate you profits and joy is connected to the top-level domain name you want to own. Imagine if you are a customer which desperately wants to buy something from the Internet? Would you buy something when the domain name is random and irrelevant to your target? Not at all! You will look for a site with a brandable domain name with your main queries in it.

If your domain name is not attractive, it doesn’t matter whether your killer deal product is the only in the world or if the quality of your service is the top-notch of the niche. You content and the products you want to sell should beconnected tightly with a premium domain name.

The first experience the client meets is with the domain name. If the name recalls enthusiasm, professionalism and relevancy, they will continue with the visit of your website. Only after the first step, they will encounter the best content for the best service and the best products with the greatest value in them. If you want to be the best, everything with your business should be like the best. Premium domain names can earn you loyal visitors. They are easy and more likely to be remembered. When people remember something, they will get back to it one day.