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Excel has become an essential requirement of every office. Professionals and individuals who work with figures will love to use Excel and will love to know more about Excel. Excel’s interface is not as simple as other applications like Word or PowerPoint. Firstly, Excel helps you do three main functions these are, it maintains the records, data or information in one ‘box’ or cell. Some of the employee of mercedes benz houston took classes secondly, it computes large data with ease. You cannot do big calculations with your brain calculation. Thirdly, Excel’s tools like conditional formatting, tables, pivot tables, charts help in preparing reports that are simple comparison charts or awesome dashboard reports.

Tips for exel user

Excel formulas are a set of instructions that you give to Excel. That may contain one or multiple Excel functions with a certain data. To learn these formulas is like learning to give Excel instructions to do a certain function. Without proper knowledge, you cannot take full advantage of this spreadsheet software. Once you learn the basics of Early Childhood Development then only limit is how far your creative mind can go with Excel, its formulas, and functions. It is almost boundless. We can like split email address into two parts i.e. the username, part at the left of @ symbol and the domain name, part at the right of @ symbol.
user domain

If you have thousands of email addresses and you want to extract the username and the domain name of each. You can do this by using Excel formula. There are two methods to extract domain from Excel.
Method 1: Text to Column Tool
1. Select the range you want to separate usernames from domain names
2. Click Data tab in the Excel ribbon and hit text to column button in Data Tools group
3. Select the Delimited option and hit Next button
4. Make sure only Other box is checked under delimiters options and in the box punch in @ symbol and hit Next button
5. Choose the cell where you like Excel to produce the results. Hit Finish button.
It is the simplest possible method to get this sort of job done and it is pretty fast too.We have huge subscribers when we tied up with Houston SEO .

Method 2: Excel Functions
We can do this by using Excel functions as well and with other ways in which you can create a formula to get it done. The difference is you have to select the range where you want the output in the start of the process as oppose to the Method 1 where we selected it as the last step. The other prominent difference is the Text to Column is more of a split approach whereas using formula is more of an extract approach.
Extracting Username
Column A has email addresses, to extract username type this formula in cell B1 and hit Enter key:
In this formula, you are using two functions that are LEFT and FIND. LEFT function extracts the particular number of characters from the text string starting from the left. LEFT function has the following syntax:
LEFT(text, [num_chars])
The text is either the text you mention or the cell address that contains the text. To pull out the number of characters from LEFT function use [num_chars]. In this case, you have to mention a number that how many characters you want to pull.
For example, =LEFT(“info”,4) will print info as a result.
We cannot specify a single number to extract the username from email address as this could be of varying length.
Example: (in this email address has 4 characters long username)
Extracting Domain Name
Cell A1 has the email address put the formula in cell C1 to extract the domain name:
Strike Enter key and drag the fill handle to copy the domain names from other email addresses in the range of cells. The above formula has two main changes: Instead of LEFT now we are using RIGHT function so that Excel (Mercedes Benz Houston) starts counting from the right of the text string. There is the additional function LEN which counts the total number of characters in the text string. At this is what we teach, the advance techniques and usage of Excel as spreadsheet and as a program.You can get benefit of exel basic from our career aptitude test classes.